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An Apple signed decoder.

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An Apple signed decoder. –

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Based on the Mac LC 475 platform, the Interactive Television Box branded Apple, a so-called "set-top-box" which in our part would not have a fee for the right identification, but which we will, perhaps improperly, define as a TV decoder. The product, dating back to 1995, had been developed by Apple for both the North American and European markets and was intended to be at the center of an interactive television then unknown in Europe and non-existent in the USA, but full of paid cable channels which for many years they have represented the "real" overseas television. Apple's Interactive Television Box has never become a real product, inside many components of the Mac LC 475 with Motorola 68LC040 @ 25 MHz processor with ADSL and different connection capacity MPEG decoding devices for PAL and NTSC with different brands (C-Cube, Texas Instrument, Philips, Xlinx, Intel, etc.). The set of photos of the device can be found on Ap By reading the Apple PDF (3.6 MB) you can learn about the various configurations and methods of use, in the one (312 KB) of the promoter of the group of technologies (British Telecom laboratories) instead the technical schemes at the base.

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