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An analyst: «46 thousand iPads sold in Italy by the end of June»

In Italy, the iPad sold during the quarter ending June is 46 thousand. The number is estimated by Mike Abramsky of RBC Capital Market, who compiled a report on the iPad's international debut.

According to the analyst, our country would be the sixth on the list of 9 in which iPad was introduced on Friday, preceded by France, the United Kingdom, Japan and Canada. In particular, France could register a real sales boom with 171,000 iPads sold in just over a month; in the UK Apple customers for the tablet are expected to be 124 thousand.

The number of iPads sold in Italy, 46 thousand by the end of June, according to some Italian sources seems to be pessimistic. Over the past few days, reliable estimates have fixed iPads purchased or booked, between stores and the Internet, between 60 and 70 thousand units. The statistical data collected during the hours spent by the tracking system of visits to Macitynet crossed with other information that our editorial staff collected from independent retailers, although not allowing an exact estimate of the number of iPads sold, seem to give more reason to the forecasts of Italian source than to Abramsky's.

According to Abramsky, in any case, 211 thousand iPads may have been sold in Italy by the end of the year; France would dominate the international ranking with 805 thousand iPads, followed by the United Kingdom (585 thousand units) and Japan (476 thousand)

Classifications aside and awaiting a mention on the number of iPads sold by Apple (which on Monday could release some official figures), the most interesting aspect of the estimate elaborated by the analyst of RBC Capital Market, emerges from the comparison with the Mac. In the 8 countries where iPad has already been launched, the number of units sold could reach the end of June between 600 and 700 thousand, a much higher quantity than that of Mac. Note that France, the United Kingdom, Japan, Italy, Australia , Switzerland, Spain and Canada account for approximately 50% of Apple's international turnover.

The success of iPad internationally pushes Abramsky to a very courageous forecast on the number of sales by the end of the year: 8.130 million, a quantity much higher than that expected by any analyst who had expressed his opinion on it to date. To reach this threshold, Abramsky warns, Apple will have to solve the production problems that still prevent it from matching supply and demand.