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AMD, new processors to challenge Intel

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AMD, new processors to challenge Intel –

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AMD will announce today a new series of Athlon processors, called 3000+.

The chips are based on the new Barton architecture, which brings 512kb cache and processor support to the processor from the Sunny Vale manufacturer by significantly increasing performance.

As for some time now AMD in its "literature" for printing does not provide the performance in MHz (which, however, should be for the top version 2.6 GHz), limiting itself to saying that from tests performed in the laboratory, the Athlon 3000+ exceeds 16% a 3.06 GHz Intel.

Barton, with its derivatives (the 2800+ coming soon and the future 3200+) will be AMD's flagship processor for almost the whole year, given the delay announced for the 64-bit version, called Clawhammer. The delays according to AMD are due to the lack of native 64-bit software (in particular the OS), but according to other sources the problems are more likely to be related to difficulties in the implementation of the SOI technology, Silicon On Insulator.

Intel, however, does not sit idly. Within a few weeks it should launch a 3.2 GHz Pentium with support for the new 800 MHz bus. At the same time or shortly thereafter, other 2.4 and 2.8 GHz Pentiums will be released again with support for the same bus.

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