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AMD, late 64-bit Athlon

The Athlon 64, the first 64-bit processor for home and consumer computers, will not debut this September.

The announcement arrived at the end of last week by AMD that on the Athlon 64 counts in a decisive way to relaunch its image in the field of processor production.

The reasons for the delay would be due to the lack of an operating system compatible with the 64 Bit system, AMD says. A news confirmed by the delays that the project is undergoing for a version of Windows capable of fully supporting the processor. Microsoft has already demonstrated such an OS, but has not yet set a release date.

Recall that the Athlon 64 will also be the first processor to natively support HyperTransport, a technology developed by a consortium which also includes Apple and which increases the speed of communications between the various components of the motherboard.

Waiting for the Athlon 64 AMD, it plans to implement beyond the current 32-bit architecture, codenamed Barton, by launching new Athlon XP processors within the middle of this month. These will be the XP 3000+ followed by the 3200+ by the end of spring. According to AMD, this will keep it competitive with its longtime rival, Intel.

In the meantime, AMD will launch Opteron, the first 64-bit chip (but destined for the sever market and also known as Hammer) on April 22, during a convention to be held in New York

Recall that according to many rumors even Apple would prepare, with the PPC 970 of IBM, to transition to the 64-bit architecture that is considered the future of computers also of the home and consumer range.