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AMD, failure to Intel

AMD, failure of Intel

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Just a few days after the official announcement of the availability of 1.1 GHz chips produced by AMD, there are already ten world computer manufacturers to present machines worth over a billion Hertz. Among these we highlight the major protagonists of world information technology such as Compaq, Gateway, HP and IBM. The new systems are certainly not low-end (they start at around 5 million in their average configuration), but the fact of having made computers with the chip so short of its announcement a very important image success for AMD that, for Having arrived, he scored this result on a very difficult day for Intel.

In fact, the world's largest processor manufacturer announced yesterday that it had withdrawn its 1.13 GHz chips from the market following a problem causing the computer to hang. Intel had launched the Pentium 1.13 GHz a few weeks ago trying to repair the blow immediately when AMD first released the 1 Ghz processor. On this occasion Intel would therefore have arrived first but many analysts had assumed that the decision to present a 1.13 GHz product could also backfire on Intel itself due to performance problems (very little higher than that of 1 Ghz chips). Now the performance problems are joined by the more serious ones that led to the withdrawal of the product and that would indicate a fatigue of the Pentium architecture that only with the help of engineering contortions is able to keep pace with the more modern AMD.

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