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Amazon GameCircle finally arrives on all Android devices

Amazon GameCircle finally arrives on all Android devices

Known to date only by owners ofKindle Fire,Amazon GameCirclehas finally broken the delay by finding the much hoped for agreement withAndroid who can now host it on all its devices.

Amazon GameCircle, for the uninitiated, is obviously based onCloud Gaming,offering all its users rankings, results in real time, as well as the ability to save all the progress of the various games that are offered in its service.

AlthoughAndroidnow it actually becomes richer thanks to its arrival, perhapsGoogleI will have less to cheer since, of course, the arrival ofAmazon GameCircle represents a valid and somewhat shrewd competitor for his belovedPlay Store, which will no longer be the only choice for all users of the most used operating system in the world.

Amazon GameCircle a very rich exchange and update system, which has in its sphere something like 500 downloadable games, which, among other things, are considered the best on the square, always updated and ready to excite the user.

So now the ball goes to the developers who will have to integrate the APIs for all the users ofAndroidcan take full advantage ofAmazon GameCircle and its boundless services.


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