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Amazon App-Shop: Ruzzle Premium available for free for 7 days

Amazon App-Shop: Ruzzle Premium available for free for 7 days

With the growth of applications and application offers in the Android sector, the main markets and stores have started to work to stimulate traffic and purchases, a situation that particularly affects Google, with its Google Play Store which recently launched the promotion "Summer sales“, And Amazon, bitter rival who through his own Amazon App-Shop for some time, it has offered opportunities and opportunities such as that relating to Ruzzle Premium.

The well-known title of gaming recently returned to the limelight thanks to the successor Ruzzle Adventure, which emulates many elements although not providing the same user experience, in fact available on the store of the US giant in a special offer to allow anyone interested to be able to get it without spending any penny.Ruzzle Premium in fact obtainable free of charge for a limited period of 7 days, time within which you can save the cost, present for example right on the Play Store, of 2.50 euros.

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<p>As always, we remember the possibility of being able to purchase the app directly through the desktop page or, the latter recommended, resort to the official Amazon App-Shop application through which you can also quickly download Ruzzle Premium on your device to be able to appreciate its qualities. In order to get the game you can contact the following links below:</p>
<p>Thanks for subscribing! Please check your email for further instructions.</p>

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