AltStore Expires in 0 Days: WHAT TO DO?

AltStore Expires in 0 Days: WHAT TO DO?


Are you using AltStore on iOS but you get the message "Expires in 0 Days"? Here is the guide that explains how to solve this AltStore problem

AltStore has stopped working

New day, new guide on AltStore, the famous Alternative store of applications, games and programs available for Apple devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad) which allows you to freely install IPA files without Jailbreak.

A few weeks ago we published a guide where we explained clearly, simply and punctually how to download and install AltStore on all Apple devices. If you missed it, find it here: How to install AltStore on iPhone, iPad, iOS EASY GUIDE

Today we return to talk again about AltStore to help our readers solve a problem that could occur in the use of AltStore.

AltStore Expires in 0 Days: WHAT TO DO?

Specifically, he contacted me on Telegram our reader (Big Trafox) which signaled me that he could no longer open a program he had downloaded and installed via AltStore.

Here she is error screen that appeared on AltStore:

AltStore has stopped working

As you can clearly see, the program AltStore reports the message "Expires in 0 Days"relative to the program LumaFusion, that accordingly has stopped working and no longer allowed opening (with the risk of losing all the files inside it).

After several attempts to reopen the program, the only solution seemed to be to uninstall LumaFusion and to install it again via AltStore.

This, however, would have resulted in the loss of all the files saved within the program.

If you have also come across a similar error (with other apps, not necessarily with LumaFusion) you must not despair: below I will explain how to quickly and easily solve your problem with AltStore.

Certificates must be renewed on AltStore every 7 days

As we all know, the AltStore program works without problems and without Jailbreak on iPhone, iPod and iPad, but EVERY 7 DAYS you need to renew the certificates of the installed apps,otherwise these expire and stop working,as in the case of our reader.

Our reader he had probably forgotten to renew the LumaFusion certificate, which consequently expired and no longer opened.

therefore, if you also ran into a similar error on AltStore and you don't know how to solve, below I will explain how to do it as quickly and easily as possible.

To solve the AltStore Expires error in 0 Days, just follow these steps:

  • Connect iPhone, iPod or iPad to the same internet network to which connected the PC / Mac that you used to install AltStore.
  • Turn on the PC / Mac on which you installed AltStore (on MacOS also open the Mail client)
  • Open AltStore on iPhone, iPod or iPad
  • Go to the screen My Apps
  • Click on the "Expires in 0 DAYS" button and wait for the certificate to be renewed
  • If the operation was successful, the writing will become "Expires in 7 DAYS"
  • If when you click on the button the operation is not successful, try again several times until you reach your goal. It may be necessary to click several times on the button to renew the certificate

At this point you should be able to open your apps without any kind of problem, right?

Now the only thing you need to do is remember to renew the certificates EVERY 7 DAYS, otherwise you will run into the same problem again within a week.

All clear?

For any doubt or question, leave a comment at the end of the article, we will reply as soon as possible.

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