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Also in Europe LaCie FireWire 800 drives

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LaCie's new FireWire 800 drives also announced in Europe

The d2 series HDs have capacities of 400 and 500 GB and were recently awarded the "Best of Show 2003" at the MacWorld EXPO in San Francisco.

High speed and high capacity are the essential characteristics of LaCie disks

β€œThanks to the interface capable of transferring data at a speed of 800 Mbps and the different capacities available – 200, 250, 400 or 500GB -, the new LaCie d2 disks – says the manufacturer – are much faster and more powerful than any other device previously available. With the new LaCie d2 FireWire 800 range, you can store data and documents and even 2D / 3D images, photos, music and videos. The 250 GB disc can store the equivalent of 385 CDs or 50,000 songs in MP3 format as well as allowing the storage of 16 hours of video taken from a DV camcorder which equates to 50 DVDs and numerous hours of compressed video (MPEG4). The range of new disks is also ideal for saving data, since it has a backup capacity equal to that of about 10 standard computers "

"The FireWire interface will be increasingly used by the creators of digital content ensuring speed, bandwidth and high capacities" – said Philippe Spruch, CEO of LaCie.

Made of aluminum and Zamac, the d2 range was designed by the well-known Scottish designer Neil Poulton and stands out for elegance, resistance and practicality. The metal alloy of which it is composed allows to improve the heat dissipation of the discs, thus ensuring a more prolonged use. The devices of the d2 range have an external mechanism that allows you to keep the temperature constant without resorting to the use of a fan which, more often than not, turns out to be noisy. Tests show that LaCie d2 hard drives produce 50% less noise than conventional external drives and are therefore ideal for sound engineers and quieter working environments.

With the use of a special cable, the new LaCie d2 FireWire 800 disk compatible with previous FireWire systems that use the old IEEE-1394a standard and with new computers with IEEE-1394b interfaces. Two FireWire connectors are also provided that allow you to connect multiple devices (FireWire) without the use of a hub.

Small dimensions and versatility make the d2 hard disk range particularly suitable for small spaces. Discs can be used stand-alone or stacked; in addition, an optional kit allows you to place them on a desktop stack or in a standard 19 β€³ rack.

The LaCie d2 FireWire Hard Drive range will be available in 200-250-400 and 500 GB capacities from March 2003 at LaCie resellers and specialty stores.

The package includes 3 cables (USB 2.0, 6-pin FireWire 400 for FireWire 800 and FireWire 800 for FireWire 800) and software for Macintosh and Windows. Guarantee: 2 years. LaCie Storage Utilities includes Silverlining Pro (Mac OS9) / Silverlining 98 (Win 98 SE and later), SilverKeeper easy backup for Mac OS 9 and OS X. LaCie d2 hard drives are usable on the Macintosh with Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X.