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All wide the future of Apple monitors?

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Uncertainty, doubts and questions continue about the prospect of releasing the updated mac hardware.

Spent the previous week without any news (if not the confirmation that Apple is working to renew the range of monitors), many sites dedicated to rumors set, as appropriate, from tomorrow to next Monday the time window during which something will happen in the news on the price list.

Saying whether or not these predictions have a difficult foundation. The only thing that can be noted with certainty that most of the dealers contacted by Macity claim that they have no longer had the opportunity to order G4 and iMac from Apple for a long time and that the only pieces that can be found on the market are or at some distributors or at the same warehouses as dealers.

Meanwhile, we also note that on the Apple online store, those who order an iMac of any type find themselves in front of, depending on the store they use, delivery forecasts ranging from 10/12 days to two or three weeks (as in the case of the Italian store which within 10 days has significantly increased the delivery date), which simply means confirming that Apple no longer has this type of product in its European warehouses.

The situation is not uniform worldwide. Some Pacific stores, for example, continue to report very close delivery dates, even 1/2 days, for example, in Australia. In the US, on the other hand, it ranges from 6/8 days for some models (also here a synonym of 'out of stock') to 1/2 days. The situation for monitors also here in the name of uncertainty. No one able to say whether we will also expect new displays at the same time as the batch of new hardware.

Among the most interesting rumors, because seasoned with market considerations, there is that of Forbes which claims that Apple could also launch a low-end display in addition to the now well-known 20.1 inches. It would be a monitor under $ 1000, between 15 and 17 inches, suitable for catalyzing important sales in Apple stores in the US and at retailers all over the world. Apple would thus try, Forbes claims, to increase its turnover with accessories attractive to the general public.

If the indiscretion of Forbes corrected the monitor in question could be a 17-inch 'wide', the only format that seems to have a good chance of providing profit margins in a time and having an interest from the public. The market of traditional 15/17 inch displays, in fact, has become very difficult with profit margins much lower than those of the higher-end screens, thanks to a crowding above the sustainable for those who, like Apple, are looking for the innovation and originality as innovative and original would be, at that point, the range of Apple monitors.

With the release of a 17 and 20.1 with panoramic format, thanks to the almost certain, at that point, the disappearance of the 17 4: 3 listed today, it would in fact mean for Cupertino a range of entirely wide displays.