All the colors of Western Digital internal disks for all IT needs

All the colors of Western Digital internal disks for all IT needs

Everyone knows Western Digital, what has now become the most famous name in terms of archiving (computers, external disks, NAS, servers, Devices, IOT): in fact, in recent years, in addition to the strong slice of the consumer market and also SMEs, WD has completed the acquisitions of HGST (disks for servers) and SanDisk (solid state memory market).

The color range of WD

Movements that allow Western Digital today to offer a line of products that optimally covers all market segments: the size of the offer has led to the division of the internal discs into colors, making life easier for those who buy who understand immediately what disk must buy.

Specifically, Western Digital today offers:

WD Green

present only in SSD format, with cuts from 120GB to 2TB for SATA 2.5 "and from 120GB to 480GB for M.2.

These discs are suitable for daily use on computers, perhaps for an upgrade from a mechanical disc and are particularly attentive to consumption.

All the colors of Western DigitalA moment of the presentation

WD Blue

present in all mechanical and solid state formats, with cuts up to 1TB for NVMe, 4TB for 2.5 "SSD and 6TB for the 3.5" mechanical unit.

Faster than greens, they are suitable as internal disks for computers, with higher demands.

WD Black

designed for the world of video games (we talked about it here), they are available in 2.5 "(up to 1TB) and 3.5" "(up to 6TB) mechanical formats and as NVMe SSDs. Designed for high speeds, they are guaranteed for up to 5 years and also have an adaptable Dashboard and Firmware.

WD Red

Present in the most disparate formats, the 3.5 ″ mechanical units also reach 14 TB while the SSD units, presented last year, are available in SATA 2.5 ″ and M.2 formats up to 4 TB.

This type of disks designed to work continuously all day, every day, therefore offers a high degree of reliability and low vibration: perfect for units such as NAS, external disks and servers.

There is also a WD Red Pro version, with a higher access speed and a greater reduction of vibrations.

RED SSD units can also be used optimally as cache memory for QNAP and Synology NAS, optimizing performance.

All the colors of Western Digital

WD Purple

These too designed in NAS and Server optics, are designed especially for video surveillance. The 3.5 ″ mechanical units are available up to 14 TB while the solid state units in MicroSD format (which have a high capacity of withstanding temperatures, from -25 to 85, and can also be used outdoors) are up to 512 GB available.

WD Gold for DataCenter

WD Gold units are designed for use in Datacenters, therefore with Enterprise-level unit Servers and offer the highest step compared to the Red and Red Pro models. The 3.5 ”mechanical units now reach up to 14 TB, while solid-state ones, recently presented, reach up to 7.68 TB. Obviously they are also suitable for NAS and Server systems of a lower step than the Datacenter but which require very high performance.

All the colors of Western Digital


The strictly virtual chat was an opportunity to talk a bit about statistics: unlike what the writer expected, the SSD market grows but at the same rate as mechanical discs.

The only units that suffer a strong reduction are the 2.5 ”SATA ones, now replaced by the corresponding SSDs, which among other things have had an acceleration this year due to the emergency situation that caused a spike in sales of laptops in the first three months of the year, to which WD apparently provided a lot of internal SSD drives.

All the colors of Western DigitalThe sales performance of the SSD units grows, but at the same time as the mechanical units (more capacious and decidedly less expensive)

The memory sector dedicated to the IoT (Internet of Things) market is also growing, as well as strong attention for the NAS sector, which is also becoming important in the living room.

An interesting answer at the end that clarified an intriguing aspect of the availability of space in the various units: at the present time Western Digital could supply solid state drives of even 30 TB, because the technology is ready, however the best-selling cut still from 500 GB ( although 4TB units are available for consumer / PMI and 15 TB for Enterprise) so it is not reasonable to think about investing in larger cuts until the demand grows naturally. For the mechanical sector, on the other hand, we expect 20 TB units for the SME market too.

All the colors of Western DigitalThe sales trend of WD internal discs from 2018 to today: there has been a growth in the last two years with especially for the Red and Purple part while the Blue models are down


In any industry, the world is undergoing a transformation generated by the availability of data. A transformation and innovation that affects multiple IT fronts and virtually every industry, large and small, and all generated by data, said Phil Bullinger, general manager and senior vice president of devices for Western Digital's Data Centers.

“The transition to the fundamental NVMe standard to enable the performance potential of high-speed storage media, new applications, use cases and workloads” continues “by integrating the WD Gold NVMe SSD with the existing high-capacity WD Gold HDD we can offer our channel partners and customers viable alternatives to achieve faster time-to-value by leveraging data.

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Western Digital SSD and mechanical units are available at the parent company's online store as well as in large retail stores, but also directly from

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