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All printers supported by Mac OS X 10.1

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In a special page on its website, Apple lists the printers that have drivers made specifically for MacOs X: those in practice that once connected to the Mac are seen by the "Print Center" application for immediate operation. But not all the features they could be active: first of all we speak of direct connection via USB and not of network management, for some it does not work for example the banner mode.

The drivers are constantly updated by the manufacturers and we will inform you as soon as available on our.

Obviously Postscript printers and plotters can be managed directly from the new OS thanks to compatibility with the old PPDs: we have managed to use several of them also on the AppleTalk network.

There is also the possibility of printing with unsupported models (at least Epson ones) directly in Classic mode if you are using a Classic application such as Photoshop: in this case just select the printer from the Chooser as in Mac OS 9.

In any case, here is the list of drivers updated to date.

Canon models: BJF210, BJF360, BJF660, BJF850, BJF870, BJC85, BJC2100, BJC8200, BJM70, BJS6300, BJS600, BJS630, S400, S450, S600, S630, S800, S6300

Epson models; Stylus COLOR 680, Stylus COLOR 740, Stylus COLOR 760, Stylus COLOR 777, Stylus COLOR 860, Stylus COLOR 880, PM-720C, PM-780C, PM-780CS, PM-880C, PM-900C, PM-920C , PM-3500C (see this page for the manufacturer's drivers coming out in the coming weeks)

Hewlett-Packard: Deskjet 810C, Deskjet 812C, Deskjet 815C, Deskjet 816C (German SKU), Deskjet 830C, Deskjet 832C, Deskjet 840C, Deskjet 842C, Deskjet 880C, Deskjet 882C, Deskjet 895Cse, Deskjet 895Cxi, Deskjet 930C, Deskjet 932C Deskjet 935C, Deskjet 950C, Deskjet 952C, Deskjet 955C (Japan SKU), Deskjet 957C (Japan SKU), Deskjet 960Cxi, Deskjet 960Cse, Deskjet 970Cse, Deskjet 970Cxi, Deskjet 980Cse, Deskjet 980Cxi, Deskjet 990Cse, Deskjet 990Cxi, Deskjet 990Cxi series