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All Italian municipalities online (via satellite).

8100SAT was born from the need to find a unique system to connect all the Italian municipalities in the broadband to the web, the reflection was the impossibility of being able to count on an xDSL spread over the entire peninsula (4,000 of the 8,100 municipalities are cut off from this perspective) and then thought about the satellite connection.

The protagonists of 8100SAT are Ancitel, the telematic services company of the Association of Municipalities and Netdish (HdP pi Fracarro).

We remind you that Ancitel already has an agreement with Microsoft, valid until September 2004, to purchase their IT systems in privileged ways.

Technically speaking, the advantages of the choice are the availability of the service on the territory, regardless of the geographical location, the optimal use of bandwidth resources by all users who share a single satellite channel and finally the greater tolerance to malfunctions due to the lower number of interconnection nodes needed to establish the connection.

In the margin, we also point out a similar initiative aimed at the Italian school world: "within 24 months all Italian schools will be connected to the web (by 2003 already 11,000 schools) but already by spring 200,000 teachers will be equipped with an email box", Minister Stanca plans to connect the school infrastructure for three quarters with terrestrial connections and the remaining via satellite.

As for knowing how to use the medium, the minister, on the occasion of the Milanese conference "Italy of the e-family", added: "Currently 171,000 teachers are taking computer courses, within three years 80% (800,000) of the total will be instructed. "