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A rewritable burner, an LCD screen and an all in one printer. These are the characteristics of a new series of printers announced yesterday by Sony for the American market. The peripherals are aimed at the digital photography market whose enthusiasts will have a device capable of doing all that is needed for photo editing, the printing and archiving of the images.There are two models presented to date: the DPP-SV77 which has a touch-sensitive liquid crystal screen that allows, thanks to the use of a stylus, to write on the images and perform operations of photo editing, and the DPP-SV88 which does not have a screen but has a burner. Both printer and printer integrate a file management system that allows you to organize images in folders for more logical and efficient archiving. There is also a port for Type II PC cards (compatible with SmartMedia and CompactFlash) and a slot for Memory Stick.The DPP-SV88 despite not having the screen can be connected to a TV and used remotely using a remote control. There is also a Video-In input to which video recorders and cameras can be connected. The printers can be connected to the Mac via USB port The printing section capable of producing photos up to 16 million colors in 90 seconds each on laminated paper The two printers cost on the US market $ 500 (for the DPP-SV77) or 800 $ (for DPP-SV88)

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