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All documents at your fingertips with My Cards

All documents at your fingertips with My Cards – Macitynet.it

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If you carelessly used to forget your wallet at home, or are tired of rummaging through the thousands of documents and business cards in your pocket, looking for your credit card, the latest application created by Giuseppe Dominoni could be really useful. Entitled My Cards, it allows you to have a digital copy of your documents at your fingertips, starting from your identity card up to the tax code, from the business card to the credit card. The operation is quite simple: you choose the type of document or paper you want to insert and fill in the various fields, possibly inserting a photo from your image gallery.

A very nice feature is the possibility to choose the type of card holder that holds the documents, between colored, zebra or crocodile leather. The final sensation is that of finding oneself a real case in one's hands, while the possibility of converting documents into barcodes allows them to be read easily through special readers. Unfortunately, the application currently lacks the ability to password protect the content, a fundamental function if you think that all your data on documents and credit cards are present inside. Fortunately, the developer is already working on an upcoming update that will patch this shortcoming. Meanwhile, My Cards can be purchased on the App Store for € 2.99.

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