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Al Seybold QXP winks at the Internet

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Al Seybold QXP winks at the Internet logomacitynet1200wide 1

Yesterday, on the first day of the Seybold opening, there was already the opportunity to focus on the Mac platform. In addition to Illustrator 10 and InDesign 2.0, of which we said yesterday, Quark presented in detail, during the keynote of the its vice president of Product Management, Jurgen Kurz, the features of Quark 5, the program, Quark managers said, was thought with the need to "redistribute" editorial content across multiple media while at the same time maximizing and re-using the know-how and professionalism present in the graphic companies that already work with Quark. "You will do more – it was said during the keynote – with the same tools and the same staff, without any additional course". Quark then demonstrated some of the essential features of the update. Particular emphasis has been placed on the ability to easily convert texts into tables without using other programs. QXP 5.0 also able to convert tables into HTML format, a quality, that of easy and coherent export to HTML, which QXP also extends to all the possibilities of pagination. QXP will, in the future, be able, for example, also to export content to VGS, a feature that will be implemented in a version later than 5.0. From what has been understood it seems that Quark is intent on transforming QXP into a full-fledged layout tool and the details aimed at integrating graphics for paper publishing with that for the Internet. We remember that QXP 5.0 should be released before the end of the year in classic version. A charred version should follow shortly after, thanks to an update that Quark will release shortly after the official presentation.

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