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Airport on USB soon also for Mac.

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Airport on USB soon also for Mac. logomacitynet1200wide 1

While all newer Macs can internally mount an Apple Airport card, PowerBook G3s a Lucent PCMCIA card, there are some models equipped with only USB port like the first iMacs that cannot do it. Proximche will think about it together with its Skyline Wireless Broadband Gateway, designed as a cable and wireless router (very useful for distributing the incoming bandwidth from DSL connections), presents a new USB-based Skyline USB Adapter. The main novelty is that Proxim has announced the availability within driver year for the Mac platform. The device will serve both as client of another base station, and for computer-computer networks with the advantage of working both on Macs already equipped with USB port but not with Airport slot (first iMac , PowerBook Lombard, G3 white and blue) both with all the old Macs that can be retrofitted with a USB PCI or PCMCIA card. In addition, a USB device has the advantage of being interchangeable between several machines, between multiple platforms, keeping the investment even when changing the base machine. For speed, no problem: the USB bandwidth is slightly higher than that of Wi-FI airport and almost double that of common ADSL connections Obviously no competition for Apple's airport cards which still remain the cheapest way to equip any of the newer models with an interchangeable card, without cables and that does not take up space outside. Skyline USB Adpter will cost $ 149 .

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