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Airport free? Apple recommends caution

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Airport free? Apple recommends caution logomacitynet1200wide 1

"Don't say cat if you don't have it in your bag" an old popular saying that applies to the current situation of free wireless on Airport frequencies. Caution, being a law that must be interpreted anyway, is a must, but Developments will arrive shortly. Here is the note from Apple Italy: "With reference to the news that has appeared from many quarters regarding the alleged abolition of the government concession fee for 2.4 GHz wireless devices (including AirPort products), Apple wishes disclose that it is conducting the appropriate checks with respect to the correct interpretation of the Legislative Decree published in the Official Journal n.156 of 7 July 2001.

No one more than Apple hopes that the tax on wireless products has actually lapsed, but some caution is needed to be sure of the implications contained in the new legislation. As soon as we have certain answers to our checks, Apple will immediately notify them. "

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