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Airport 2 will arrive by the beginning of 2002

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By the beginning of 2002, Airport 2 will arrive logomacitynet1200wide 1

After hesitating a bit at the beginning, trying to take an alternative route, Intel has embraced the cause of WiFi without hesitation. The standard for wireless transmissions also used by Airport is already used in some cards marketed by the semiconductor giant, but in the future there will be more and more Intel-branded products compatible with WiFi. Among these, a card will also arrive in 2002 Jackpot code compatible with 802.11a specifications, the new implementation capable of transmitting data up to 54 Mbps, much higher than today possible at Airport which reaches up to 11 Mbps. According to The Register, which released the news, the main target the market would be the sector of large companies but also the consumer sector.According to some sources, the chips needed for 802.11a, which will not be compatible with 802.11b, may be available later this year. Always according to the same sources, the main supporters of the standard, including Apple, are studying Hubs (such as Airport Station) able to communicate with both the old and the new version of WiFi.

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