Apple AirPods Pro review: nice and comfortable, but not the top

AirPods of the future: a new way to detect if they are worn

Future AirPods or AirPods Pro (review here) may implement a new way to take over if I'm wear or not by the user. Such as? Taking advantage of a sensor capable of detect changes in air pressure present in the ear canal. The news comes directly from the US patent office, where the new Apple-branded patent was made public yesterday.

At the moment, the apple headphones already have optical sensors is accelerometers which allow you to detect when they are worn or not, and this saves energy because the earphones are activated only when they are near the ear.

However, current systems still leave room for false positives: for example, it can happen that they are activated because they detect movements similar to those deriving from being worn when it is not so, or the optical sensors are "taken astray" by the fact of being in the pocket.

Hence the idea of ​​exploiting a sensor that monitors the air pressure to detect whether the headphones are worn or not: once inserted in the ear canal, in fact, the air pressure near the earphones increases. Based on what is apparent from the patent, it is this latter sensor, in the affirmative, that activates the Bluetooth connection.

For now it is only a patent, one of the many that Apple deposits every week at the competent office, which however allows us to guess which direction engineers are moving to work on apple products.