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Agreement Microsoft, Apple opposes

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Apple says no to an agreement reached between Microsoft and a group of users who had sued the Redmond house, on the basis of the conviction for illegal exercise of the monopoly.

The outcome of the plea deal, which requires Microsoft to pay $ 1.1 billion in software purchase vouchers to individual customers and students, according to Apple, would not sufficiently punish the illegally monopolistic practices exercised by Windows manufacturers.

According to Apple, in reality, the agreement would be for the benefit of Microsoft because, it is claimed in an official statement 'it has been shown that 25% of the vouchers are not collected, which reduces the penalty for Microsoft and the remaining part benefits Microsoft same because donations to schools actually expand market share in the educational sector. ' The agreement states that only a third of the unclaimed coupons can be sent to schools for the purchase of non-Microsoft material. A third party would return directly to the cashier and another third party would be solely used to purchase Microsoft products

Apple, on the other hand, requires that Microsoft donate to the schools all the vouchers that are not claimed by customers who would be entitled to a refund and that this money can be used for the purchase of information technology chosen by the schools themselves.

And the agreement was approved in the form proposed by Microsoft all those who purchased a copy of Windows 95 or 98 would be entitled to have refunds for a value ranging from 4 to 29 dollars to alleviate the damages suffered by the illegal practices exercised by Microsoft to impose your operating system.

Apple had already successfully opposed a similar plea deal that occurred in late 2001 in the state of Maryland.