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Agreement between Real and Ericsson

Agreement between Real and Ericsson – Macitynet.it

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Agreement between RealNetworks and Ericsson for the inclusion of Real streaming technologies in the devices that Ericsson sells to companies for cellular telephony.

At the basis of the agreement, which is not exclusive, the possibility for the Swedish company to "merge" the Helix Universal Servers, a stop capable of transmitting media to different hardware platforms, with the Ericsson Content Delivery Solution. The two combined systems will allow audio and video playback of content encoded according to the Real, MPEG-4 and 3GPP standards.

The agreement of relevance for both industrial realities. On the one hand, Real finds new outlets on the market, after being put into serious difficulty in that of computers by Microsoft; Ericsson buys a technological "plus" in its effort to conquer the cellular infrastructure market by pushing in the field of multimedia.

Real has already entered into a similar agreement with Nokia while Ericsson has already entered into a partnership with Apple and Sun for the use of the QuickTime standard

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