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In the PC world and for months now also in the Mac world, the PCI slot that houses the graphics cards has been replaced by Intel's AGP (Advanced Graphics Port). The AGP currently able to run at 4x speed compared to what was originally conceived and capable of transferring up to 1056 MB / s of data. However, PCI slot estimators have not yet raised the white flag: thanks to the 64 bits and 133 MHZ clock speed, the new PCI-X standard allows data transfers up to the speed of 1066 MB / s, enough to compete with AGP at 4x. PCI slots are easier to use and thanks to them it is possible to activate several graphics cards in parallel (on AGP only one video card can be used ). On the other hand, the advantage of AGP that can support high-power graphics cards (more than 100 watts). According to TechWeb magazine, the PCI Special Interest Group (SIG) is trying to convince Apple and Sun (two companies that do not take advantage of Intel's CPU and chipset on their motherboards) to abandon Intel's AGP in favor of the PCI-X slot. Note that, in any case, the license for Intel's AGP is free of royalties while the SIG requires US $ 25 for each single machine (volume discounts are available). The advantage of PCI is that this slot can be used for hardware extensions of various kinds and not only to mount graphics cards as with the AGP standard.

(Edited by Mauro Notarianni)

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