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After New York, what?

After New York, what? | Macitynet.it

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From MacWorld in New York the line of Apple desktops completely revolutionized: the iMacs, the G4s have been changed and a new computer, the Cube, has been introduced. All products have undergone substantial changes, such as to suggest that those that are considered major upgrades by industry experts are considered. Which means that for at least four months (or maybe more) there will be no significant changes in speed n in configurations. In a nutshell, we could hardly expect speed increases or new configurations at least until next December or perhaps even more so. No change, however, in the laptop sector. The latest announcements in this regard took place during the last MacWorld in Tokyo when the PowerBook 2000 and an updated version of iBook were introduced. In this context, therefore, we could expect the most significant changes in the coming weeks. According to the writer, but also according to many other sites, iBook will be the first product to be renewed. Its processor and its architecture (the only machine without FireWire among those produced by Apple) as well as the seniority of its concept, added to the decreasing sales, require to operate as soon as possible. The first date could be the Seybold of San Francisco held at the end of the month. But the public that will be present is not very interested in a consumer laptop. More likely, therefore, that Paris may be the place of debut of the new iMac. On its characteristics, some sites have already become unbalanced and citing "reliable sources" claim that iBook will have a 466 MHz G3 processor and the same motherboard today. The writer has no such information but believes that it is much more likely that Apple, on the other hand, will present a machine with new architecture. By this we mean 100 MHz bus and PPC 750CX SideWinder processors. The signals in this sense are manifold. The first and most relevant comes from IBM which explicitly stated that in September we will see an Apple laptop with the new processor. Someone wanted to read in this statement the possibility of a Powerbook speed bump, but the hypothesis to be excluded. The new IBM processors are less fast, equal to MHz, than the current G3 and it would not make sense to install 550 MHz chips (this is the maximum speed that SideWinder should debut) with performance in the field lower than those of today. In addition to this, the PowerBooks historically have an operational life of 10/12 months, which leads us to suppose that the date of release of the new PB cannot be fixed before next January. the first to have the 750CX, ultra low power, low heating and low cost processors ideal for a product like the new laptop. Equally suitable for the PowerBook appears to be the GeForce MX 3D processor. Nvidia said that in September it would have had announcements for the Mac world. The Paris Expo and the new iBook could be the right occasion for the debut in the world of Apple. The GeForce MX also characterized by low consumption (and a version with even lower consumption during production), low cost and low heating and significantly beats the Rage Mobility 128 which is the only alternative. On the motherboard should then make its appearance, even just for economics of scale, a FireWire port, and new dual-channel USB ports. Finally, it cannot be excluded that there may be a version with DVD. After Paris, the next big event will be the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco (at the beginning of January). The date too far away to make assumptions about what Jobs holds in store for that date, but we suspect that the keynote will be occupied mainly by the announcement of the release of MacOs X. Before then there will be, as mentioned, the Seybold. We do not think of any hardware innovations for the DTP fair. Jobs probably partially repeat the New York keynote by posting some announcements on MacOs X, presenting the public beta and distributing it to the public. It would be a nice shot given the large number of professional operators.

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