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Adobe, partnership to convert Flash advertising for iPad and iPhone

Steve Jobs has repeatedly reiterated the reasons for saying no to Flash: inadequacy for the touch interface, battery life, reliability, security, performance and so on. Despite Apple's refusal to support technology, Adobe does not want to lose the thriving and interesting market of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad owners and has announced a partnership with Greystripe (a large advertising company specializing in mobile devices) to circumvent the impediment of Cupertino and allow the use of Flash content on Apple devices.

The system that Greystripe intends to use to get around the lack of Flash is the automatic and real-time conversion of Flash content to HTML5 so that they are visible with Safari on iPhone and iPad. Such content will remain, however, in Flash format when the devices allow the native execution of Flash.

In the official press release, Greystripe compares the system to iAd, the Cupertino advertising platform integrated in iOS 4.0 (previously known as iPhone OS). IAd content natively exploits HTML5, while those created for the Adobe-Greystripe platform can be created directly with Flash authoring tools, reducing, according to the company, the development costs (using existing tools and no need to create separate ads).

(By Mauro Notarianni)