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Adobe confirms: "We are working on Flash Player for iPhone"

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Adobe confirms: "We are working on Flash Player for iPhone" logomacitynet1200wide 1

"My team is working on Flash for iPhone, but a closed platform" the official confirmation that Adobe is still working to bring Flash to the Apple smartphone was pronounced by Paul Betlem, Director of Engineering of Adobe Systems. The statement was collected during the Flash On the Beach event in Brighton and one of those news that can raise the hopes of many iPhone and Web enthusiasts, where Flash technology is increasingly popular and used.

Recall that the indiscretions and also some partial official confirmations by Adobe about Flash for iPhone date back to several months ago: among others we remember this article by Macity. Today's news confirms Adobe's interest in bringing Flash to the Apple smartphone but Betlem himself has specified that the last word is always up to Apple: if Cupertino agreed, Adobe could make the player available in a short time, this the message at a glance.

It is difficult to predict whether or not Apple will allow Adobe to publish Flash Player for iPhone: the reasons are varied and complex. In addition to the historical relationships of love and hate between the two companies, we remember that Steve Jobs himself had said he was opposed to porting because of the processor power required by Flash with consequent negative effects on the iPhone's performance and also on the battery life. It is worth noting that code interpreted as Flash and Java explicitly prohibited by the iPhone SDK: on Apple's pocket and touch platform it is not possible to use multitasking and even the virtual machines or interpreters required for this purpose.

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