Adobe Acrobat, very serious security holes discovered ...

Adobe Acrobat, very serious security holes discovered …

By Giacomo Martiradonna Friday 15 May 2020

Three dangerous vulnerabilities in Adobe Acrobat can allow an attacker to take total control of your Mac. Here's how to protect yourself, and advice.

Within Adobe Acrobat for macOS, 3 very serious flaws were found that would allow an attacker to take the total computer control. Here's how to solve it, for today and for the future.

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macOS, a photo import bug takes up space for no reason

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Without going into the technician too much, the problem can be summarized as follows. In practice, due to these three bugs discovered by the researcher Yuebin Sun, it is possible to access with the root privileges on any Mac who have installed Adobe Acrobat. Which is equivalent to giving a copy of the house keys to the whole world: sensitive data is at the mercy of the first attacker who passes.

The simple solution: it is necessary immediately update Acrobat to a version that is at least 2020.009.20063; you can check the installed build by opening Acrobat Reader and selecting Help Check for Updates.

But we give you a heartfelt advice: uninstall Acrobat and never use it again. Net of very specific needs (and in that case there is little to do), most users do not need Acrobat Reader; any Mac, in fact, always equipped to view and edit any PDF without having to resort to third-party software. the same technology that allows you to compile and sign PDFs also from iPhone and iPad. The less software there is installed on the Mac, the better you live; trust us.