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Ad Infuse launches an ad serving service for iPhone

The advertising business is also becoming aware of the iPhone: the online advertising company Ad Infuse has launched its video advertising platform for the Apple phone.

Thanks to Ad Infuse, publishers will be able to view promotional messages compatible with Cupertino's mobile browser, choosing whether to display them at the beginning, end or half of the videos visible on Safari.

Ad Infuse's technology will adapt to content on the 3.5 ″ screen of the iPhone, while potential customers will be able to choose whether to license the company's servers by directly controlling the promotional platform, or whether to rely on the most practical online services.

As is the case for every affiliate network, those who use the service will have to pay Ad Infuse a percentage of the amount obtained through the advertising service, from 25% to 50% in the case of sales, and about 10% in the case of registration services. .

The iPhone has pioneered the use of the mobile network on mobile devices; obviously this trend will only increase the interest of advertising networks towards the distribution of promotional messages on the various mobile platforms. Surely the iPhone on the front line.