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According to Apple experts like Toyota: the recall of iPhone 4 is inevitable

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Apple must respond quickly and decisively to the reception problems of the iPhone 4: Cupertino now forced to recall smartphones, otherwise it risks betraying the trust of its customers and therefore damaging the brand. This is the virtually unanimous opinion of several public relations and crisis management experts interviewed by Cult of Mac immediately after the spread of the rejection of the iPhone 4 by Consumer Reports.

"Apple will be forced to recall the product," said Professor Matthew Seeger, an expert in crisis communication. "It is extremely important. The brand image is the most important thing for Apple. This (devastating problem). " The problem of receiving iPhone 4 for Apple is a situation similar to that experienced by Toyota a few months ago, the opinion of Chris Lehane, already adviser of Bill Clinton with the role of "Master of Disaster", or expert in critical situations and solutions to them. According to Lehane Cupertino, he must respond with something more significant than a software patch that many suspect has merely cosmetic purposes.

"Apple must put out the fire now – another striking phrase, this time pronounced by Dr. Larry Barton who points out – An almost military-type response to this problem is needed" a flash and complete resolution so far not undertaken by Apple. According to Barton Cupertino he should immediately release a press release in which Consumer Reports tests are refuted or admit the problem and prepare a hardware solution.

Cris Lehane's analysis according to which Apple under pressure has prepared an incomplete, inadequate response that has actually made matters worse "They found themselves in a pit and dug deeper". The comment obviously referred to the official press release issued by Apple in which the reception problem was attributed to an error in the system for calculating and displaying the notches. The press release was a sort of red flag for organizations such as Consumer Reports which have further investigated the matter.

The timing and completeness of the answer, which Apple has so far lacked are the central point in Lehane's analysis. "You recognize it, solve it, manage it", says the communication expert referring to the problem and comparing the issue of receiving iPhone 4 with an image problem faced by Apple in the past, for the first iPhone. After the numerous complaints received from the first buyers of iPhone EDGE about Apple's sudden price reduction, Steve Jobs replied in that case immediately with a letter of apology and offering a refund for the price difference.

"Apple must protect the image of its brand, the crown jewels at all costs – completes Lehane's precise analysis – Apple has enormous consumer loyalty but this (loyalty, nrd) depends on the fact that people believe it credible" .

Ultimately, the opinion of the experts questioned by Cult of Mac unanimous: everyone is now waiting for a more concrete response from Apple and in line with the high quality standards to which Cupertino has always accustomed its customers. The prompt and complete answer, a timely solution that leaves no room for doubt and that does not allow the worm of doubt to be insinuated into the thoughts of users willing to believe the new Apple products without having ever seen or touched them, since the presentation. In essence, the US PR and crisis management experts have done nothing but give a rational explanation to the thoughts and fears that fans have been experiencing on their own skin since the first reports of reception problems. The next move is only up to Apple who must convince everyone that they are not cornered, a prisoner of his denials and of a public opinion and journalist who is putting enormous pressure on him as never seen in recent years. It is a pity to see the situation get out of hand with every passing day seems less and less controllable through marketing mantras and proclamations.