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Ableton Live 2.0 available

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Live, we remind you, a very useful tool for those who play live and during the post-editing phases: all the actions performed during a performance are memorized and “small details” such as the mixer and effects, thanks to a graphic arranger that allows the editing of every smallest parameter.

In case of errors there is no problem thanks to the interesting possibility of making an unlimited number of undo.

The application can be expanded with the VST plug-ins, with the ReWire client and synchronized with any clock of a MIDI source. Compatibility with ASIO drivers and the SoundManager further extends the application's possibilities.

The "session view" contains various clips that can be activated with the Mac keyboard or via MIDI (with or without quantization). Clips can be created starting from loops, sounds and entire tracks (the only limitation represented by the free space on disk).

The samples used are set automatically in real-time with the tempo of the music played and without changes to the pitch. Even the longest songs are played in synchronously allowing almost the same flexibility as MIDI. Using drag & drop it is possible to modify any sequence, even during the playback phase.

In particular, use with Mac OS X allows you to take advantage of its low latency for real-time performance impossible with other operating systems.

The new "Elastic Audio" feature refers to the unique ability that allows Live to treat audio in a totally elastic way. For example, this function allows you to change the tempo at any time during recording or playback. Live 2.0 therefore allows you to synchronize loops and recordings of any duration with the recording, at any time.

In addition, time stretching is no longer limited to just loops but can be applied to any audio material, and the algorithms have been optimized for melodic or rhythmic materials for a cleaner effect.

Live 2.0 allows users to set the tempo with the tap function during recording or playback, and tempo changes are storable and easily managed. The process of looping, synchronizing, improvising and recording therefore becomes easier and faster.

Multitrack recording and editing transform the Arranger window into a complete solution with real-time effects, parameter automation and unlimited "undo".

New Live 2.0 features include: – Advanced automation management – DJ-style cross-fading – Relative Session Mapping – Presets for saving and recalling effect parameters – New effects: Gate, Redux

Live 2.0 now available from the Ableton website and in stores at a suggested price of 399 Euros. The upgrade from version 1.5 costs 89 Euros for the "boxed" version and 69 Euros for the download version. Users who purchased Live 1.5 after 1 November 2002 are entitled to a free upgrade to Live 2.0.

The product distributed in Italy by MidiWare.