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AAPL, iPhone now hurts: -6%

Heavy setback for Apple's stock. At the end of the day, Cupertino courses ended with a drop of over 6%. To drag AAPL down, as mentioned during the afternoon, the numbers provided by At & T on the iPhone activations in the first two days, just 145 thousand.

The figure, which not only settles at less than a third of the most optimistic figures, but well below even the most conservative estimates (which spoke of 200 thousand phones sold in the first two days), has led many investors to sell the shares that just yesterday they had set a new historical high.

The evaluations made by Ittai Kidron, an analyst at CIBC World Markets, have brought even more confidence to Wall Street. Kidron cites an "uninspiring question and rather stocked warehouses" with few people chasing the phone in Apple stores. iPhone, Kidron says, would, paradoxically, have had a positive effect on the sales of other similar products, such as the Blackberry.

According to CIBC World Markets Apple at the moment would suffer in particular from the non-first level connectivity offered by the iPhone and for this reason it could be forced to accelerate the release of a UMTS version of the phone.

In the face of these claims and the rather decomposed reaction of Wall Street it must be said that some of the information has been correct or better specified by other analysts. For example, the various noted that the 146 thousand activations cannot necessarily be translated into sales; many customers had activation problems in the early days of the launch and even more in the first few hours. In addition to this, other observers have underlined that in fact the figures provided by At & T do not actually cover 48 hours (two days) but only 30 hours, from six in the evening of 29 to midnight of 30. Finally it must also be said that the analysts' forecasts they always referred to the entire weekend, including Sunday, not calculated by At & T, which means a time of 54 hours starting from six on Saturday. In consideration of the fact that, therefore, we are talking about almost double the time compared to the 30 hours used as a parameter by At & T and since Sunday in the USA a day of shopping almost like the others, the figure of 300 thousand phones sold in a weekend, which represents a decidedly important number, it may not be too far away.

More precise and more reliable data will be provided only tomorrow, in the context of the presentation of Apple's tax results.