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AAPL, happy days on the horizon

AAPL, happy days on the horizon | Macitynet.it

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although the last few weeks have not been properly happy for Apple on the financial market, most analysts continue to think that the future remains rosy for the Cupertino company. Yesterday the news that IdeaGlobal, a reality that deals with investigations on a global scale on the growth potential of the realities of the economic world, he argues that AAPL has the possibility of reaching its maximum levels by the end of the year. In practice, if the idea of ​​IdeaGlobal were to be matched, this would mean that Apple should reach $ 75 before the end of December. To give a boost to the list (which for weeks has assigned a value of about $ 50 to the shares of the company) would in particular be the new products of New York with specific reference to the new $ 799 iMacs and the cube. To support his thesis, IdeaGlobal cites numerous financial analysts, including Salomon Smith Barney, who recently upgraded Apple's shares but also Matthison and Company who recently commented favorably on Apple's market development by claiming to share the forecasts of Apple. Fred Anderson, head of the company's financial operations, according to which year-on-year revenue growth will be 35% at the end of September. This would mean a turnover of about 16,000 billion lire against 12,000 last year. According to many analysts, one of the factors that arouses more optimism when looking at the market of the Cupertino company is the capacity for innovation and the discovery of new markets. This could allow growth even in future years when, in addition, an operating system such as MacOs X will be available that could open up prospects even in areas from which Apple has so far remained excluded. In addition to this, the ratio between price per share and earnings per share, as pointed out yesterday by an ON24 service, an Internet radio dedicated to financial analysis, remains largely below that of the information technology market where many shares they are exaggeratedly expensive compared to the profits they generate for shareholders. Apple, from this point of view, is still very cheap and sooner or later the "business hunters" looking for selective purchases will notice it further rewarding the title of the Cupertino company. This could happen already in the coming weeks when the end of the fiscal quarter (set for September 30) is approaching and the first advances will begin to circulate its economic results.

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