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AAPL at the minimum of the year

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AAPL at least of the year logomacitynet1200wide 1

Despite the launch of MacOs 10.1, yesterday was a very bad day for AAPL. The title of the Cupertino house lost 5.53% in a single day, actually falling to the minimum of the year. If you scroll backwards the table of values โ€‹โ€‹of the Apple company prices, it turns out that to find a lower valuation of the $ 15.54 yesterday you have to get to January 2 of this year when Apple closed at 14.87. We can only speculate about what this backward leap could have caused since there are no immediately tangible reasons. It is possible that the rumors about Tevanian leaving Apple have had an effect, even if the direct source (the NY Post) does not seem particularly reliable. It is equally possible that some great investor has decided to liquidate a part of its assets after waiting, in vain, for some particularly important announcements to reach the Seybold yesterday. moment in conditions to go back to the levels that had reached the last spring when to the launch of the new iBook the quotations touched the 26 dollars. The American economy in crisis and that of information technology even more. It will take major jolts to decisively raise AAPL, despite the fact that most analysts believe more in Apple than in other manufacturers.

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