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A video for Star Wars: The Battle of Hoth

A video for Star Wars: The Battle of Hoth – Macitynet.it

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Pending the official release of Star Wars: The Battle of Hoth, scheduled for next July 15, a movie leaked online that captures some salient gameplay scenes. Created by THQ Wireless, the tower defense game set during the epic battle on the planet Hoth, with which the Empire Strikes Back opened. From the video you can see the use of scenes taken directly from the film, although the same has already happened in the past with other games created by THQ Wireless and inspired by the Lucasian saga.

A long series of units to be placed on the battlefield and different types of opponents seem to be the strength of The Battle of Hoth, with waves from the numerous imperial soldiers to the imposing and destructive AT-AT, capable of putting themselves in serious difficulty your defenses. Unfortunately, the film also notes some smudges as regards animations, sometimes slow and not very fluid, while as regards mechanics, the game does not seem to introduce anything particularly innovative. Of course, hardcore Star Wars fans won't be able to miss it.

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