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A survey to have ANSYS on Mac

Mauro Augelli tells us: “ANSYS Inc. has been wondering, for some time now, whether to develop the ANSYS suite also for Mac OSX. For those who do not know it (and I do not want those who know it) ANSYS a finite element simulation code that can be used in many areas of engineering and physics (structures, electromagnetism, fluid dynamics, etc.). In many sectors almost a universal standard.

At this address http://www.ansys.com/services/hardware_support/index.htm you can find a questionnaire with which Ansys inc. tries to detect if there is a pool of Mac users (and perhaps even possible buyers) who want to see ansys also come out for OSX.

It would be interesting to make your opinion known.

Keep in mind that a development of ansys for osx would mean an interesting return in all those areas (teaching, research, design …) in which maybe a Mac is used, but then to perform the calculation operations a unix machine of another type is used: solaris, aix, linux, etc. "