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A look inside iPhone 4 shows a technical revolution

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iFixIt beats everyone and once again manages to get their hands and open, showing the inside, the new iPhone 4. The reality specialized in supplying spare parts for Apple products but which for some time has also been practicing very interesting disassemblies of everything what Apple produces, he began to scrutinize the various components, finding some very interesting things.

The first, overall, that the new iPhone, indeed very cloudy, in all. Materials, type of assembly and components represent a radical change compared to the past. The external part, as is known, is no longer in plastic but in aluminum and glass; glass in particular should be produced by Gorilla Glass, a company that has patented a product type 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic based on an alkaline process and reinforced with aluminum-silicates. All this to prevent the front and back from being scratched by scratches. iFixIt also notes the aluminum frame that is used as a multifunction antenna, for all wireless systems, a technology that should greatly improve the reception of both Bluetooth, Wifi and, above all, HSDPA radio.iphone 4 disassembled

Passing inside (easily reached by unscrewing two screws) it can be seen how everything is dominated by the large battery. Once the battery is removed, the motherboard has a rather original shape, which is due to the need to accurately exploit all the space; a new resonance chamber should improve speaker amplification. On the motherboard there are the following processors: Skyworks SKY77542 Tx – Rx iPAC ™ FEM for Dual-Band GSM / GPRS: 880–915 MHz and 1710–1785 MHz bands, Skyworks SKY77541 GSM / GRPS Front End Module; STMicro STM33DH 3-axis accelerometer TriQuint TQM676091; 338S0626; Apple A4 processor. Note that the new three-axis gyroscope also developed by STMicro. In the past, the Italian-French joint venture had produced this type of components for Apple, but now it seems that this element has been provided in advance of the competition.

iphone 4 disassembled

The list continues with Samsung Flash memories (at the service of the system) a Cirrus Logic 338S0589 audio decoder that is the same as the iPad, the new generation AKM8975 proximity sensor, a Texas Instruments 343S049 that controls the screen, Numonyx 36MY1EE Flash memories. Bluetooth and GPS modules are provided by Broadcom.

Other elements worthy of note are the double microphone (the one at the top used to suppress noise), the constructive quality of the aluminum edge and the almost single piece of glass, LCD and digitalizer; in practice Apple has glued the glass to the electronic part which forces you to change everything if the glass breaks.

iphone 4 disassembled