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A kit to touch up your PowerBook G4: TiPaint

A kit to touch up your PowerBook G4: TiPaint – Macitynet.it logomacitynet1200wide 1

A problem known by the most "extreme" users of the PowerBook G4 is that of the paint stripping of the corners due to dry or repeated falls and abrasions. Given that the material with which the Apple top laptop is coated is not common plastic or polycarbonate it can be remedied without apparent aesthetic damage with a special kit produced in the USA.

It is a special enamel-type, cold-applied paint that is able to restore all the beauty of your TI in a few minutes, eliminating the "bruises" produced by careless or exaggerated use.

The kit, enough for 20-30 applications, is sold at $ 14.95 by a Californian company: TiPaint through its website. We have not tried it yet but we assure you that the Ti of those who write these notes, subjected to 16 hours of work He needs it daily on the keyboard! For more information: www.TiPaint.com

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