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A Helsing’s Fire trailer for iPhone

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A trailer of Helsing's Fire for iPhone –

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The independent development team Ratloop has released a first trailer of Helsing’s Fire, a puzzle game that will be published on the iPhone and iPod Touch by the now well-known publisher Chillingo. It is an interesting title that will catapult the player into three different game scenarios: through a ghost village, a dark forest and a haunted castle, the goal will always be to chase away the monsters that inhabit them, using the torch at your disposal. By dragging your finger on the device's touch screen, it will be possible to move the torch and create areas of light and shadow: some enemies will be weak in the light, while others can be defeated only if left in the dark; this will lead the player to find the best position for his torch, being careful to illuminate only the right creatures.

The game promises to be truly mammoth, with around 90 randomly generated levels and intense boss challenges. In addition to the classic Story mode, it will soon be possible to unlock a Survival option, in which to try to resist as long as possible with increasingly difficult levels. Helsing's Fire has already been sent to Apple for approval, so it is presumable that it will appear on the App Store in these days.

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