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A disappointment called Nokia 5800

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Probably the fault of the time zone (traveling to the East increasingly hard), of the tiredness accumulated by plane, of the chaos in the airports and on the London ring roads. For the flight to London from the American West Coast just to see the infamous Tube, namely the Nokia 5800 "Touch Screen", the final weapon against Apple's iPhone (for a change), it appears more like a colossal waste of time.

A waste of time not because the XpressMusic Handset is not the music device that for the first time led Nokia to insert – miracle miracle – an input device with a contact screen screwed on the good old Symbian S60 (which already struggled with the normal keyboard). But because the bad copy of the iPhone pales those who believed that Android was a half rip-off in the first poor incarnation produced by HTC.

Of course, there are abundant "cultivator heads" on the net that are actually better suited to manipulate the hoe than to plague the net with their vaniloquies on anything that is not anti-Apple enough for them. Here, guys: bad news just for you. The new Nokia, the iPhone killer number 42, a blind woman. It doesn't even kill a Blackberry Pearl 8100 with a spastic keypad, let alone the Apple phone. With all due respect to your lepid sense of the frescacce, as well as the crass incompetence of casual commentators of "my lady there are no more seasons".

The explanation is there, and despite the nervousness of the reporter who has crossed a continent and then an ocean in practice empty, an effort can be made to offer it even to the least enlightened minds. The Nokia Tube is a blind case because, apart from the shapes that are embarrassingly copied by a child with little iPhone design, it is an exercise in precarious style. The price in the US of 407 dollars.

It can manage 60 languages ​​and cover 90% of the inhabitants of the planet Earth. Make him feel the music with an interface that makes WinAmp seem the novelty of the moment and a champion of freshness, manage the downloads of an embarrassingly empty catalog of record companies that were circulated by Nokia's Comes With Music service, make him scan the web pages and photos and emails in an embarrassing screen with a claudicating interface, it embodies as metaphors and not functional as a touch manipulation system (coincidentally the "touch" and not "multi-touch" phone, that is, no magic with two or more fingers : all with the good old nib system, new from 1967). The point that the phone that Nokia launches, among the very really beautiful, one of its most unlucky. And whoever buys it (and who will see it use "the coveted appliance", including journalists who will receive it as a tribute to wheelbarrows after going away to pay to attend the presentation) will know perfectly well that they are a loser.

Because just hold the infamous, last and total "kill iPhone" of the moment for 20 seconds to understand that under the Nokia millionaire dress of marketing there is unfortunately nothing: there is no valid project, there is no innovative device , there is no interface that is worth the effort. There is a desire to chase, there is an attempt to stretch the good S60 above its human abilities. Sorry for the outburst, perhaps it will be the fault of the time zone, but the fact that the telecommunications industry does not do a service to users, does not help progress, does not improve quality. The Nokia 5800 is a phone that makes society step back and not step forward. And as such it should be fiercely stigmatized. We will see if Hansi Vanjoki in a month will be able to reveal a top of the range N series of Nokia phones (the "prestige" one) that is worth it.