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A dangerous zero-day bug has been found on Chrome. Google releases the update

A dangerous zero-day bug has been found on Chrome. Google releases the update

Google Chrome has a problem, or rather three, and the Mountain View giant is inviting all users who use its famous browser daily to to update your device right away.

google chrome zero-day

In a new blog post, Google confirmed three vulnerabilities "High" level in Chrome 80, one of which (CVE-2020-6418) a zero-day exploit that "exists in nature". What does it mean? In short, the danger that the current version of Chrome will be "attacked" very high. Neowin notes that the zero day exploit is a critical issue that take advantage of JavaScript and deliberately causes browser errors: thanks to these errors, hackers can execute code without restrictions.

In the technician, it seems that the logical error lies within V8, that one of the browser components of the Californian giant. In practice, the program initializes a resource using a certain type, but later accesses the same resource using another type which is incompatible with the original one. This flaw – identified with the code CVE-2020-6418, ed – has been discovered last February 18th by a member of the Google team

To try to deal with the threat, Google released the update Chrome 80.0.3987.122, with patches for all three exploits. Users all over the world should receive update alerts in their browsers right now. Otherwise, the user who wants to ensure protection against this problem can manually start the update process by accessing the three-point menu in the upper right corner of Chrome> Help> About Google Chrome.

This is the third zero-day vulnerability of Chrome in the last year, and a number that can be considered relatively low. However, as they arise, these critical issues must be taken seriously. That's why Google Chrome users are strongly advised not to "snub" this update.

Source Forbes