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A battery for steroids for iPod

FastMac, a company specializing in hardware upgrade products and components for Mac computers, announced yesterday that it claims to be the most powerful iPod battery on the market.

The accumulator, sold as a replacement part of the original one, would have a capacity up to 70% higher than that used by Apple and a recharge cycle that lasts 7.5 times longer. The merit of this leap forward in the performance of particular technologies used by a manufacturer that are able to increase the density even 100 times compared to a traditional lithium ion battery.

One of the technologies in object TruePower, a system that reduces the impact of peaks of current absorption that in the long run damage the battery in its duration.

FastMac offers batteries in two versions, one for first and second generation iPods at a cost of around 33 euros, the second for third generation iPods at a cost of around 25 euros. Versions for other iPod models (including minis) are coming.

The battery is also shipped outside the USA, but unlike the internal market, the component replacement service is not offered. Therefore, buyers will have to do everything themselves using the tools and following the instructions supplied with the battery itself.