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A $ 100 low cost iPhone and record sales of the iPhone 3G

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The Apple toto for the presentations of September 9 knows no stop but this time to predict the future, Apple's services and products are not the sites of fans and followers of the Apple but the investment bank RBC Capital Markets. Analyst Mike Abramsky says Apple could announce sales of 4 million iPhone 3Gs next week. This would confirm the forecast of 5.1 million pieces in the current quarter and 14 million pieces for the calendar year.

In addition to the new iPods and iTunes services, the analyst predicts possible announcements for the iPhone Firmware 2.1 with news regarding the extension of push email services and perhaps improved GPS functionality. More curious is Abramsky's prediction for a new iPod-phone, as also reported by AppleInsider. It would be a simplified terminal, a sort of low cost iPhone, with limited functionality to music and calls and that could be marketed at a price below 100 dollars, with subsidies from operators.

Not the first time we hear of a cheap iPhone or an iPhone-nano, in any case we remember that for all cases it was speculation by particularly imaginative analysts and that to date no indiscretion has dealt with such a device. In any case, Apple's ways are numerous and therefore it might be worth waiting a few days for a confirmation or a denial.

From a marketing and offer point of view, the hypothesis has more than one meaning: Abramsky convinced that with a similar device Apple would have the credentials to make the most of an opportunity on a global level. In the wake of the success of the iPhone 3G, a new economic terminal to be offered in stores on the planet would provide a boost to the iPhone phenomenon of 50 up to 100 percent, all this while keeping the updates for the flagship model of the smartphone firm and contributing to the effect halo on Mac sales.

The other predictions of the analyst of RBC Capital Markets are part of the flow of information that has been circulating for months on the Web and among the specialized sites: new MacBooks and MacBooks Pro all in aluminum with large touchpads and updated specifications.