8 best Time-Lapse apps for Android and iPhone to use

8 best Time-Lapse apps for Android and iPhone to use

If there is a better thing than videography, the possibility of recording time-lapse videos. Being able to look at different rapidly changing scenarios is a joy for the eyes. In a time-lapse video, the frames are captured at a much lower speed than usual, and when the video is played, the time seems to move faster. Some smartphones already have an integrated time-lapse function, but if your smartphone does not have this feature, you can install some fantastic accelerated recording applications that can let you do it. So, without further ado, here is a list of the 8 best time-lapse apps for Android and iOS:

1. Framelapse

If you are looking for a fast time-lapse app with almost zero rendering time, then Framelapse what you should download. With this app, you get great control over the settings. You can change camera settings like exposure, white balance, timer and even apply filters to your time-lapse. And for the video, you can define the frame interval, the duration of the video and the orientation. With the possibility of choose resolution and bitrate of the app, Framelapse one of the easiest time-lapse apps to use in this list.

If you don't mind the occasional ads that appear, the free version of the app has everything you need. However, if you want the app to be free of advertisements with some additional features like custom bitrate, white balance lock, exposure lock, etc., you can download the pro version which only costs $ 2, 99.

Install: Android (free, $ 2, 99)

2. I leave it

When it comes to shooting time-lapse videos, Lapse has all the features you can think of. From manual settings such as focus mode, ISO mode, scene mode and white balance to choose the interval after which each frame is clicked, Lapse Ti gives you complete control. Not only can you take time-lapse videos in the app, but also stop moving videos . And once you've made a video, you can change the resolution, the codec, the frames per second and even add an audio or an effect before making it finally available.

The only downside of the app that most features are only available if you buy the pro version which costs $ 2, 99. With the free version, there isn't much you can do, but you wonder what the possibilities are that you would open up if you bought the pro version.

Install: Android (free with in-app purchases, $ 2, 99), iOS (free with in-app purchases, $ 2, 99)

3. Microsoft Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse of the Microsoft time-lapse app. It has a simple user interface with options for taking and importing videos . If you choose to take a new one, you have the option of change the video speed anywhere from 1x to 32x . And if you want to stabilize the video leaving the audio intact, you can do it by setting the speed to 1x. Once the time-lapse video was shot, possible select the resolution (720p or 1080p) and the location where you want to save the time-lapse video. You can even share your masterpiece with others after the finished rendering.

Install: Android (free)

4. Hyperlapse from Instagram

Hyperlapse of the Instagram app on time-lapse app and the simplest time-lapse app you've ever met. Contradictory to what you're thinking, it doesn't require you to have an Instagram account. You can create accelerated videos even when you are on the move and they will be stabilized using internal Instagram stabilization, removing any shocks that may occur during their recording. Time-lapse videos can be created up to 12 times the speed of the original video and then shared with others.

The interface of the app only the camera, the option to change the speed of the time-lapse and this practically everything. If you want one simple time-lapse app that works well and doesn't get bogged down with options and ads, the Hyperlapse app from Instagram is the right one for you.

Install: iOS (free)

5. TimeLapse

TimeLapse is a very powerful app for recording time-lapse videos. Like many other apps, TimeLapse offers manual controls such as saturation, brightness, contrast and exposure. Besides that, you can record 4K video and save RAW images. This something that no other app on this list offers. In addition to the possibility of record video with tilt, you don't get it at all an accelerated flicker . And once registered, you can even change them at the frame level .

With its free version, you are limited to only a certain number of videos. To register more, you'll need to purchase the pro version. Even if it costs $ 4, 99, it's worth every penny. If you are seriously interested in recording time-lapse videos, this is the app you should download.

Install: iOS (free, $ 4, 99)

6. iTimeLapse Pro

iTimeLapse Pro brings the idea of share your time-lapse videos with others using the app. Share your photos in the gallery of the app to show them to others and, if you want, you can see them too. The app clicks on a series of images and then combines them to create a video. You can choose whether you want to click on these image series manually or after a set time interval. After the time-lapse video has been compiled, you can even add an audio before making it finally available.

Sometimes, you may not feel like compiling a time-lapse video in a single session. iTimeLapse Pro lets you create different sessions in so you can save any pending videos you'd like to work on later. For an app that costs only $ 2, 99 and has some unique features, I highly recommend it.

Install: iOS ($ 2, 99)

7. iMotion

Like most other apps in this list, iMotion lets you create accelerated videos while offering the complete control of video tools such as exposure, white balance, orientation, etc. Besides this, there are functions like manual mode and WiFi remote control that you can use. Recorded time-lapse videos come saved automatically and can be resumed up to 10 FPS . And once registered, the app also offers you the option for reverse playback . Like most other apps, iMotion also lets you share your time-lapse videos from the app. For an app that costs zero, there is not much to complain about.

Install: iOS (free with in-app purchases)

8. OSnap!

When you click on photos using OSnap!, You can't just create videos accelerated but also stop moving videos . With the option to choose orientation, proportions and resolution, the app has some preset projects which you can use.

OSNAP! offers you many different options to click on an image. You can choose to manually click or set a specific time interval . Not only that, you can even go hands-free: just applaud and the app will click on an image for you. Like iTimeLapse Pro, you can create more projects for different time-lapse videos. Although most features are available in the free version, you can consider buying the pro version which costs $ 3, 99 if you're trying to record in 1080p and create unlimited projects.

Install: iOS (free with in-app purchases, $ 3, 99 with in-app purchases)

BONUS: PicPac Stop Motion

As a bonus app, PicPac Stop Motion not only records time-lapse videos but also stops motion animations . You can use your video camera to record a new video or even import one from your gallery to convert it. After selecting a video, you can even add an audio now.

PicPac Stop Motion lets you check the manual mode using your voice . Just make a loud noise and you would click on an image. Although it has many interesting features, you need to buy the pro version to be able to use them all.

Install: Android (free with in-app purchases, $ 4, 69 with in-app purchases)

Use the best Time-Lapse apps on Android and iPhone

Now that you know some of the best apps that can be used to record time-lapse videos on Android and iOS, you can go out and discover the videographer inside you. These apps allow you to experiment time-lapse differently from the way the camera app for your phone may not work. So, try these best time-lapse apps and let us know your opinions. Also, tell us the app you found the best? Audio disabled in the comments section below.