8 best protections for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge screen

8 best protections for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge screen

The Mobile World Congress, recently concluded in Barcelona, ​​Spain, has not only seen Samsung announce its flagship Galaxy S7 Android, but also its most hasty brother, Galaxy S7 Edge. And even if the two flagships are almost identical (and equally bestial) when it comes to RAW specifications, the Galaxy S7 Edge is undoubtedly the nicest of the two, thanks to the Super AMOLED double-edged and curved touchscreen that stands out for its front .

But as incredible as the screen of the Galaxy S7 Edge is, it can still (and let) get scratched or damaged, if not properly shielded. That's why you need a screen protector (or a screen protector) to ensure that the gorgeous-looking Super AMOLED panel remains intact. Read on and find out more about the 8 best Samsung Galaxy S7 screen protectors you can get.

1. Transparent screen protector LiQuidSkin IQ Shield for Galaxy S7 Edge

Even for a simple product like a screen protector, IQ Shield LiQuidSkin's transparent screen protector contains a lot of features. Comes with a unique LiQuidSkin sticker (hence the name) e use a installation method to wet to get an application without bubbles. Not only that, the four-layer screen protector created with a process that ensures high touchscreen responsiveness and "glass-like" transparency that does not fade over time. No wonder he comes with one lifetime replacement guarantee .

Price: $ 7, 85

Where to buy: Amazon.com

2. ArmorSuit MilitaryShield screen protector for Galaxy S7 Edge

Armoressuit Military Shield protection lasts as long as its name shows. Comes with precise cutouts for the Galaxy S7 Edge ed made with military grade materials . There is also a bit of technology of self-repair thrown into the mix, which automatically releases small scratches on the film. Other features include UV protection and ultra clear screen. Then there is the lifetime replacement guarantee, and you also get other complementary items, such as the squeegee and the microfibre cloth .

Price: $ 7, 85

Where to buy: Amazon.com

3. LUVVITT tempered glass screen protector for Galaxy S7 Edge

Don't be fooled by the (somewhat) kiddish name. The LUVVITT tempered glass screen saver does a great job of protecting your Galaxy S7 Edge from all kinds of dents and scratches. It offers edge-to-edge coverage and comes created using Premium quality Asahi Japanese tempered glass, which has a hardness of 9H + (almost like a diamond). Moreover, it has one layer ultra-clear shock resistant under the glass. The particularity of this protection for the screen that has the shape of the entire front panel of the Galaxy S7 and not only of the rectangular touchscreen component.

Price: $ 19, 99

Where to buy: Amazon.com

4. Skinomi MatteSkin Screen Protector for Galaxy S7 Edge

You don't like the glossy appearance and would prefer your Galaxy S7 Edge to have a matte finish? The Skinomi MatteSkin screen protector is just what you need. made of an opaque / anti-glare infused material that improves the visibility of the screen in bright environments . The protective material of the screen also a military-type elastic polymer, in addition to being perforated and resistant to UV rays . And if that weren't enough, the 100% risk-free lifetime replacement guarantee should help you make it.

Price: $ 9, 95

Where to buy: Amazon.com

5. SPARIN HD Clear screen protector for Galaxy S7 Edge

The SPARIN HD transparent screen protector offers a simple and easy way to protect your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from any kind of damage. Offers a full coverage of the screen from edge to edge and presents precise cutouts for other front panel elements (eg Home Button). Its application and removal leaves no bubble or sticky residue. There is also one lifetime warranty is you receive 2 screen protectors when ordering .

Price: $ 5, 59

Where to buy: Amazon.com

6. Original Zagg's Galaxy S7 Edge Invisible Shield screen protector

Coming from one of the best-known manufacturer of screen protectors, the original Zagg Invisible Shield screen protector dedicated to solid-screen protection for Galaxy S7 Edge. made with military grade materials originally designed to protect helicopter blades . And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is also the "Nano-Memory" technology, which uses scientifically formulated intelligent molecules for automatically heal from small scratches and dents. And yes, there is also a limited lifetime warranty.

Price: $ 14, 99

Where to buy: Zagg.com

7. Zagg Invisible Shield HD Clarity Screen Protector for Galaxy S7 Edge

I love the Invisible Shield Original screen protector, previously discussed by Zagg, but do you want more clarity? Check out its "premium" variant or the Zagg Invisible Shield HD Clarity screen protector. It has all the features (military grade materials, self-healing technology, etc.) of the "original" Zagg screen protector, but also adds the goodness of the maximum HD quality, making screen protection almost invisible when applied to the Galaxy S7 Edge screen. designed to perfectly curve the screen to ensure perfect coverage. And if Order an address in the US or Europe, receive free shipping .

Price: $ 24, 99

Where to buy: Zagg.com

8. Incipio Plex High Clarity Screen Protector for Galaxy S7 Edge

Simple and uncomplicated, the Incipio Plex High Clarity screen protector does a great job of reinforcing the screen of the Galaxy S7 Edge from dents, scratches and other damage. As the name suggests, it offers crystal clarity of the screen and almost imperceptible when applied. In addition, an application card and a microfibre cleaning cloth are supplied with the package and the screen protector comes with a one year warranty .

Price: $ 29, 99

Where to buy: Incipio.com

Protect the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from scratches

Without a doubt, the double-edged curved touchscreen of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is its most distinctive feature. And the screen protections discussed above help ensure that it stays that way. So which one of these would you trust your Galaxy S7 Edge on? Let us know in the comments below.