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6 amazing facts you never knew about Twitter

6 amazing facts you never knew about Twitter

So you think you know everything on Twitter? I doubt and so also the results of the research conducted by Edison Research in which more than 1700 people over the age of 12 from America participated. The results revealed some surprising facts that many of us never thought of.

1) GREAT Twitter

87% of the people who participated in the research said they knew what Twitter or at least had heard of it. While this was a penny less than that of people who have at least heard of Facebook (88%), but we can safely say that people who know the Internet know Twitter.

(googlechart type = "p3" data = "87, 88, 13" width = "500" height = "300" labels = "Know Twitter | Know Facebook | Know None" colors = "FF0000 | 33CCCC | FFCC00 | 99CC00" color1 = "Ffffff" color2 = "C0C0C0")

2) Although great but bad at conversion

While 87% of people knew about Twitter, only a small fraction of this population was actually on Twitter. Only 7% of people in America who know the blue bird feeds it. By reducing percentages to numbers, out of 100 people surveyed, 87 people have at least heard of Twitter and only 8 of them actually use it. This means that 8 out of 100 people in the United States actually use Twitter. When it comes to Social Media Giant – Facebook, the conversion rate is over 40% (which means that almost half of the people who have heard of FB actually use it to connect with their friends and family).

3) But Twitter is still GREAT

While only 7% of Americans actually use Twitter, the bird population of more than 17 million, which is roughly the combined population of Connecticut, Oregon, Kentucky, Kansas and Oklahoma (source). Honestly, that's only a little bit compared to Facebook users, but Twitter users are more loyal to brands and companies than their FB counterparts.

4) The birds connect with the brands

Twitter users not only follow the brands they use and consume, but also interact with them freely. 42% of people know about the latest products via Twitter, 41% give their opinion and 19% seek customer support and brand help. This means that Twitter not only helps brands, it also helps users.

5) Twitter really on the GO

There is a special link between Twitter and cell phones. The simple structure and interface of the website allow users to easily use the website. According to the report, 63% of Twitter users use their mobile phones to log into their Twitter account. 73% of these users also use their mobile phones to send SMS regularly. This data makes me believe that Twitter can be used as an effective way to market mobile products and services.

6) Twitter users speak less and read more

I saved the best for the last one. As per this report, 53% of Twitter users never has tweeted! Although they never tweet but watch and read everything you say and build an opinion on those 140 words you write. So don't treat non-forgiving followers as a waste! They are as precious as your active followers.

(googlechart type = "p3" data = "53, 47" width = "500" height = "300" labels = "I never Tweet | I Tweet regularly" colors = "FF0000 | 33CCCC | FFCC00 | 99CC00" color1 = " ffffff "Color2 =" C0C0C0 ")


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