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5KPlayer: a media player that handles 4K and 5K videos with ease

5KPlayer: a media player that handles 4K and 5K videos with ease

Remember the days when 720p content amazed viewers with its quality. Well, now we are behind 720p and the creators have started creating content with resolutions up to 8K. While 8K content will still take some time to become a mainstream format, 4K and 5K content is slowly becoming the norm. As most premium laptops now feature a higher resolution display, the user's ability to consume higher resolution content is also on the rise. However, the display is only one of the factors when it comes to consuming 4K or 5K content. You also need a powerful processor and a media player that can easily manage the content. If you have the hardware part covered, we have a great tip for the media player you should be using. 5KPlayer one of the best media players that can easily manage content up to 5K.

In addition to that, it also includes a number of other features such as support for radio and DVD playback, the integrated Airplay transmitter / receiver and support for various file formats, which will improve the way we use video and audio content. on our laptops. The software available for both Mac and Windows and we will now take a detailed look at its features and functionality.

Main features

As you can deduce from its name, the media player focuses on its ability to play video content up to 5K with ease . However, you will need to remember that you will also need compatible hardware and display to enjoy the content as it should. If you have compatible hardware, the software will allow you to make the most of it. With this in mind, let's take a look at some of the key features of this software.

1. Supports playback of 4K and 5K media

Well, let's take the obvious thing out of our way, namely support for 5K media playback content. In my few days of use, the video player managed all the content I could stream. There video playback was smooth and without stutter . The only time I ever heard a hiccup while playing a 4K or 5K video was when I was using the rewind or fast forward button. Besides that, the reproduction was as smooth as possible. Needless to stay, you won't be disappointed by this player when watching 5K content on your laptop or desktop.

2. AirPlay support

If you own an iPhone or Mac, you will love this feature. 5KPlayer features built-in support for Apple's AirPlay functionality. What is unique here that not only can it act as an AirPlay sender but also as a receiver . It can receive streams from an iPhone, iPad or iPod that are running on iOS 10. You can also use your Apple Watch to do the same. When it comes to acting as an AirPlay Sender, the app allows you to send MP4, MOV, M4V, MP3 and AAC files, among others, to speakers enabled for Apple TV 4 and AirPlay wirelessly.

3. Support for audio files

5KPlayer also supports audio files. This means that not only can you use this software to watch movies and TV shows, it can also be used to play your favorite music. Supports a wide variety of audio files including MP3 music, DTS multi-channel surround sound, lossless audio files AAC, AC3, WMA and FLAC & ALAC . The software claims to use its TrueTheater technology to improve your audio listening experience. However, I'm not an audiophile so I can't comment on that. If you are, you can use it and decide for yourself.

4. Built-in radio player

In addition to supporting video and audio playback, the app can also receive satellite radio to help you listen to the radio directly from the app . You can choose to listen to some of the radio stations that are already preset with the app, or you can enter your radio URL and listen to it. Some of the radio stations preset include BBC, NBC, XFM, Kiss and Chill among others.

In addition to these main features, there are also a lot of other features. For example, inside the app there is a library section, which you can use to manage all your file video and audio . There is an integrated Internet download manager, which can help you download videos from the Internet. You can also convert videos from one format to another. Like I said, the app offers a lot of cool features that you will enjoy while using it.

Ease of use

If you only use 5KPlayer as a video player (which is its main function), there is not much to discuss in terms of the user interface. The app works and behaves like any other good video player. It has all the playback controls and they all work smoothly. However, I like i switches for the passage of audio tracks and subtitles during video playback. a very ingenious feature, which most major video players keep hidden under settings. 5KPlayer offers you easy access to these features by holding down the buttons in the top right corner of the app.

The app maintains a library that stores all your recently played songs and videos. To access the entire local music library, click on the "+" icon and choose the local files to add. You can also remove any song or video from a playlist or completely remove a playlist using the "-" icon.

You can add, create and edit a playlist by clicking on the "+ New list" icon. To delete the added playlist, place the mouse cursor on the playlist and the "X" icon will appear, click on it.

Overall, the rather simple music player. But considering that this is only an additional feature, I can't complain much.

When it comes to AirPlay, I like how easy it is to access it from the app. There is always an AirPlay button, no matter where you are app. Just click on it and select the device you want to stream content.

All in all, the app's interface is quite easy to navigate and use. There is nothing that you stumble here. All features are kept in the foreground and center. Probably, the only downside to its music player, apart from that, the app nails it when it comes to the user interface.

Prices and availability

5KPlayer available for both Mac and Windows and can be downloaded from their website. The best part that the free app forever. Furthermore, there are no ads here that can hinder your experience. When you start the app for the first time, the app will ask you for some details such as your country, your name and email address. When you enter the requested information, the app sends you a registration code, which you can use to unlock the full app and use it for free.


  • Manages 5K video playback evenly
  • Integrated support for AirPlay
  • It can also manage audio files and supports radio
  • Free to use forever


  • The naked media player
  • Video Plays stuttering (when playing 5K content) while using the fast forward or rewind button in the Mac version

Play 4K and 5K videos with ease

5KPlayer not only does what it promises, but it also brings a lot of other cool features to the table. Smooth 5K playback like never before and there is no stutter. Music and radio player are a very nice addition. It supports most audio and video files and also allows you to convert videos from one type of file to another. Considering its feature set along with its (free) price tag, it's really easy for me to recommend it to anyone. one of those free apps that even give paid people a run for their money. If you are looking for video playback software, you should definitely try 5KPlayer.

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