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50 years of the Internet, happy birthday to a utopia that has become reality

happy birthday internet

Half a century ago, a small military-funded experiment changed the world … for better or for worse

And they are 50 years of the Internet. In the late evening of October 29, 1969, the student programmer Charles Klineattempted to send a message from a computer from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), to another computer at the Stanford Research Institute, at over 500 kilometers along the Californian coast.

"LOGIN", was the message. Kline came up to "LO" before the system crashed.The complete message was postponed an hour later. It eventually turned into bigger network communication of human history had made its debut: Internet.

The date on which the first message was sent through the telephone network, from one computer to another without a doubt the most significant, what was then an unprecedented level of connectivity and communication.

A moment that then nobody really appreciated. "We knew we were creating an important new technology that we expected could be useful for a segment of the population, but we had no idea how important an event really was", he has declared Leonard Kleinrock, Kline supervisor.

The network of advanced research project agencies, or ARPANET, as it is known the forerunner of the Internet, was an academic project designed to allow computers to share information. Funded by the US Department of Defense, UCLA computers is Stanford were the first two nodes of this network.

happy birthday internet

To make the internet take off then it was, 20 years later, the pap of the Web Tim Berners-Lee. In 1989 he presented an essay at the CERN in Geneva which represented the theoretical basis of the World Wide Web, while in 1991 the first website was online.

Well 50 years of the Internet. A global telecommunications network that today connects billions of people, a system that has revolutionized the world with the growth of multi-services and the birth of increasingly connected devices

What can we expect in the next 50 years?

Surely the Internet will be everywhere. On our phones, in our homes, at the base of companies. The 5G will offer us total connectivity and with it enormous challenges and opportunities. But having said this, the fact that the second is also analyzed the International Telecommunications Union (Itu), at the end of 2018 internet users were 3.9 billion, equal to 51.2% of the world population. Let's enjoy this birthday positively. The 50 years of the Internet are the fruit of half a century of work. A job where the "network of interconnected networks" has connected our planet.