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5 million iPhones sold in three months?

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The fiscal quarter of September could end with 5 million iPhones sold. The estimate of Piper Jaffray, in a recent survey carried out by analyzing the distribution channels and retail points, grades and small ones that presenting to iPhone customers.

Gene Munster, the analyst who worked out the estimate, adjusted the iPhone predictions upwards; initially the forecast was just over 4 million. But the launch in various countries in August and those that are about to arrive (on September 26, Friday, iPhone will land in two large countries such as Turkey and Brazil), has prompted the analyst to adjust the forecasts upward. In practice, for Munster Apple will sell 22% more iPhones than previously estimated.

Also listen carefully to Munster's forecast of the impact that the launch of the first Android device will have and which is judged to be substantially null.

Even if the two products are partially superimposable (these are multimedia devices with a strong orientation to the mobile web) and even if the T-Mobile G1 has some element of advantage (the mechanical keyboard that for several customers a plus compared to the virtual one of iPhone), Cupertino's phone has a very high quality and the fact, for Apple, of being able to control the supply chain from top to bottom offers the Apple the possibility of maintaining an advantage.

Munster does not rule out that, in any case, Android may offer challenges to Apple in the long run: 'A single announcement does not mean anything – writes the analyst of Piper Jaffray – but if more will arrive in the next two years, Android could represent a iPhone danger '