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5 Killer apps to access Instagram on iPad

5 Killer apps to access Instagram on iPad

Instagram a popular service that allows you to upload and share photos captured on your phone after applying fantastic effects with filters. This application has been quite successful and is having a solid user base. It was recently purchased by the social network giant – Facebook. Instagram does not provide any default applications for its iPad users and has no web support. In this post, you will see some fantastic apps with which you can access Instagram on iPad, that is, you can see, comment or comment on your photos.

It should be noted that these apps cannot be used to upload photos to Instagram on your iPad.

This is the most popular and best way to access Instagram on iPad. You can view your photos in a Pinterest-style view. This app also offers you the possibility to pin your Instagram photos on your Pinterest wall. And the good news that, also optimized for the Retina display on your iPad.

This application allows you to search for your friends, follow them or browse the most popular photos. It also provides functionality to encourage, appreciate and comment on your Instagram photos. You can view your feeds using Instapad, so that you can see what's going on. Instapad presents your Instagram photos in a well-packed and sortable order that cannot be paired on a smaller screen.

Instagram ++ allows you to follow other users, interact with them through comments and to appreciate their photos. You can see photos of your followers. This app also allows you to stop following any user if you wish.

'iVisual for Instagram' is a fantastic app that allows you to easily read your Instagram images. It offers the ideal reading experience for its users. You will have a magazine-style interface to read your Instagram photos. With this app, you can easily view trending photos on Instagram.

This is another popular app for accessing Instagram on iPad. The interface looks interesting and you can view your Instagram photos in quite interesting sizes.

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