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5 essential Android applications to download to your smartphone

PicShop – Photo Editor applicazioni Android indispensabili

More and more users prefer to use their Android smartphone instead of the PC, especially for the immediate actions of checking the e-mail box, for sending e-mails, for consulting news on websites or for viewing notifications on various social networks. In this regard, today I intend to report you 5 indispensable Android applications to download to your smartphone.

PicShop Photo Editor: the top for those who want to save high resolution photos, as it includes a myriad of useful tools for photo editing. Beautiful tools to insert tests (there are many fonts in the library). Finally, PicShop Photo Editor it also offers you the opportunity to create beautiful memes and to import stickers from the gallery. Its price? 2.05 euros.

Nova Launcher indispensable Android applications

Nova Launcher: I consider it one of 5 indispensable Android applications to download on those smartphones lacking in terms of stock launcher, but very performing in terms of hardware. Its strength lies in the high level of customization of every aspect, from folders to icons, from widgets to backgrounds, up to the gestures that allow you to call up the notification window. Not least the fluidity. Unique in the? The careless transition effect and the folder design a little too spartan (at least for my taste).

Clean Master indispensable Android applications

Clean Master: those who constantly use their Android smartphone, especially if at work, know very well that in the long run the application cache tends to fill up quickly. The result? Less space available, many slowdowns and drastic drop in performance. To avoid this kind of problem, I invite you to focus on this phenomenal application of overall cleanliness, released by Cheetah Mobile, since that will allow you to remove all unnecessary files.

PrinterShare Mobile Print indispensable Android applications

PrinterShare Mobile Print: by right among the indispensable Android applications, because it allows you to use the printer via smartphone. The compatible formats are the most varied: DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XSLX, PDF and TXT. The printable documents via smartphone are those stored in memory or in cloud storage services. The Premium version also allows you to print locally, without having to turn on the computer: everything happens via Bluetooth or via wi-fi.

TeamViewer indispensable Android applications

TeamViewer: we conclude the list with one of the best solutions to remotely manage your home or office PC, by connecting directly from your Android smartphone. Navigating within the contents of your PC will be a very simple and executable operation at any time. All you need is an internet connection and install the app on your mobile device and the software on your computer.

These are 5 in my opinion indispensable Android applications to download to your smartphone. Of course, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Twitter and Evernote are clearly part of this list. I decided to mention them at the end of the article for a simple reason: now all users are using them constantly.

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